Cheat Sheet for Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum

Cheat Sheet: the pre-post-summit notes. Ed. Margot Herster. New Orleans: BUREAU of CHANGE, 2015. Edition of 250. For Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum.

Cheat Sheet: the pre-post-summit notes is a 46-page Xerox-printed staple bound book created by Margot Herster, Steven Pedeaux & Ulay Deux for a participatory intervention by BUREAU of CHANGE for Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum.

Cheat Sheet contains a sampling of caricaturistic quotes from journalistic coverage of 21st century education problems alongside our curation of screenshot complaints posted by students as Youtube testimonials. Students describe experiences such as financial fraud victimization, sexual and racial abuse, absentee or biased teaching, authoritarian discipline, political actions under oppressive regimes, and suicide influenced by pressures of academic competition.

BUREAU reps acted as attendees at the Summit and offered our Cheat Sheet booklets and pencils in exchange for audience members’ notes on Creative Time’s curated presentations by prominent artists and activists on their own education-related theory, research and practices.