Conditions of My Release, Hand-in-Glove Conference (now known as Common Field Convening), New Orleans, 2013.

Conditions of My Release presents four recent works by New Orleans artist Michael Alford.


Social(dis)Order, Glassell Gallery, Louisiana State University, 2012. 

Social(dis)order brings together recent and historical works that explore the power technology-enabled social networks have over traditional social constructs. Works by by Natalie Bookchin, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph DeLappe, Ant Hampton & Britt Hatzius, Molleindustria, Virtual Peace, and Jason Zada engage the balances and imbalances, freedoms and controls, and comforts and discomforts that accompany social change.


Play, Flexspace, Austin, TX, 2008.

Play explores give and take between originality and appropriation, individuality and persona, and reality and aspiration. Works include video installation, photography projection, artist books, an internet-art kiosk, and participatory filmmaking by Sophia Peer; Rachel Rabhan; Yoko Ono; fonzy9, ryanferr3, matt92091; and Shlomit Lehavi and Kyvell Vezani.